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The internet overflows with promises for growth and “the secrets of success.” But with all this access to information …

Why doesn’t everyone succeed?

Our founder, Jose Escobar, wondered the same thing.

He learned every business building trick under the sun… yet his business stalled.

This wasn’t because the information he learned was “junk,” or that he didn’t work hard enough…

It was because didn’t surround himself with the right people to help him USE all that knowledge!

Think of it this way:

You’re only ONE power connection away from exponential growth in your personal and professional life.

One choice leads to a connection, which then leads to another, and another, and… you get the point.

Once Jose surrounded himself with the right people, he grew his business exponentially AND rejuvenated his personal life!

And the best part is there’s a community out there for you, too.

When you plant those seeds of knowledge in a community where they could mature exponentially faster, the sky’s the limit.

So when you’re ready to find YOUR tribe and experience exponential growth, we invite you to join the Connected Leaders Academy.

Once you’re there, you’ll be shocked at how quickly you’ll apply knowledge better.

Your tribe is waiting for you, so click below to get started.

“I’ve met some incredible connections and gained new clients since I joined. I highly recommend you connect with Jose Escobar and join his Connected Leaders Academy!”

Gaby Abdelgadir

“If you are an entrepreneur and you’re looking to join one mastermind, then look no further than the Connected Leaders Academy, which will seed you with knowledge, connections, support and inspiration.”

AlKarim Chatur

“During a time I needed support the most, Jose provided me with an opportunity for growth and connection. Joining the Connected Leaders Academy has not only transformed my business, but has positively impacted my life.”

Jesse Cruz

“Since the day I joined, I have built lasting relationships. In addition, my business has increased its bottom line. I have grown as a leader and entrepreneur as well. Thank you Jose for your dedication and your love for people!”

Carmen Gonzalez