The Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf is for entrepreneurs who love reading and dedicate themselves to personal growth and self development.

There are many book websites and clubs out there that are centered around books and reading. Way too general and unfiltered for the founder’s taste. Jose Escobar started The Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf with the intention of having a platform where entrepreneurs can become voracious readers committed to growth.

If you are interested in reading anything within the genre of personal development, self-help, personal growth, history, psychology, philosophy, family, marriage, faith, business, and health/wellness then The Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf for you!


Jose Escobar

Founder of The Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf

Jose Escobar was born in Washington, D.C. and resides with his family in Silver Spring, Maryland. He is happily married to his wife Katie Escobar. Together they have three children, Noah, 13, Zelie, 3, and Avila, 1. They are also expecting a fourth child due December 2020.

He currently trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu together with his son Noah under Todd Margolis (Potomac MMA).

Jose has been a sales professional for over 20 years, many of which included management positions. He is currently the sales director for The Educational Funding Company. He is the founder and operator of Escobar Enterprises which includes The Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf (digital products and services for personal growth) and Fat Glass Marketing (social media marketing agency for restaurants and bars).

Reading books has always been a passion for Jose along his journey of personal growth. He reads about 1-2 books a week on a consistent basis and attends 4 major conferences a year. He is also in the speaking and coaching business helping others achieve high level business success.

“Being part of the CLA Tribe has been a complete game-changer, by putting me in the same space with like-minded people and helping me level up both personally and professionally!”

Lee Grigsby

“If you are serious about being intentional with your personal development, you must ‘run, not walk’ to plug into this life-changing opportunity. Gratitude always! Just wow!

Gordon Melville

“Jose has created a unique platform for those that are serious about success and personal growth. I encourage anyone who wants to take life to the next level to reach out to Jose and the Connected Leaders Academy.”

Daniela Roman

“Jose Escobar has set up his group to do exactly as its name implies: to connect leaders, to edcuate, to encourage community and partnerships. He also leads by example. What he says, he does.”

Danica Trebel